Museum Week 2017 & WomenMW: the Smile Museum presents a new programme of videos by Mireille Loup

Museum Week serves as a wonderful shop window for female artists. This is great news, particularly when you consider that women make up fully 64% of France’s art school graduates, but that women are behind only 29% of the works purchased by the country’s Regional Contemporary Art Funds. It is for this reason that the Smile Museum is committed to strict parity. That’s right: 50% of the artists who appear in the collections of this online museum – created in 1996 and dedicated to the most beautiful of all the human expressions – are women!

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Mireille Loup, ORLAN, Sabine Weiss and Catherine Ikam are among the painters, photographers and multimedia artists whose work is exhibited digitally by the Smile Museum. For its fourth edition in 2017, multi-talented videographer Mireille Loup has truly embraced Museum Week, inviting her fans to view seven different videos that will be released to coincide with each new daily theme (#FoodMW, #BooksMW, and so on).

Smile, she’s on camera! Mireille Loup started creating videos in 1991, well before the world had even heard of YouTubers. This unique artist is at the cutting edge in all that she does, whether it be through her use of humour, her penchance for deconstructing fashionable intellectualism, her uncompromising approach to self-filming or her capacity to tear up the rulebook of seduction. Indeed, look closely and you will find more than a hint of Caravaggio in her Baroque vanity and the avant-garde in her forms and methods. In 2017, Mireille Loup published [Anaglyph], a collection of photographs that – viewed through 3D glasses – play with space and disjunctures. Mind the gap!

Mettons-nous à table! (“Everyone round the table!”), a series of short scenes filmed in the year 2000, is a fitting response to the first daily theme of Museum Week: #FoodMW. The artist’s cards are well and truly on the table in this juicy look at couples and their relationships. A veritable taster menu of personal exchanges to enjoy time and again, without moderation!

Throughout the week, Mireille Loup will invite viewers to watch seven new videos featuring sketches bursting with self-deprecation, parodies of society and denunciations of stupidity in all its forms. Her voyage to idiocy in “Syndrome” (2015), offered as part of Saturday’s theme of #TravelsMW, plunges the viewer into the throes of “an enthusiastic suicide”. Enjoy!

By Alexia Guggémos, curator of the Smile Museum